Brady Air was established by Frank Bardy, in a small shop located in South San Francisco. In the beginning Brady Air handled service work, residential and Light Commercial repair and maintenance on heating and air conditioning equipment, start- ups, and controls for other companies.

Frank became co-owner with Andrew Hillard in 1987. Together, over the last 24 years they grew Brady Air to a mid-sized business and established a prestigious name in the construction industry.

The shop has moved to a larger facility and now employees a much larger work force.

In 2003 Andrew became the sole owner of Brady Air.

Jason started his entrepreneurial journey in 2018

Today we pride ourselves on being a full service HVAC contractor. We grew into installing HVAC equipment, controls, and trouble shooting of HVAC systems
Currently we are a repair and installation company with a genuine commitment to professional and personalized service.

As the years rolled on, Andy Hillard dedication to his craft and his business never waned. He poured his heart and soul into Brady Air, nurturing it from its humble beginnings in a small shop to a thriving enterprise. But Andy Hillard’s legacy doesn’t end there; it extends to his sons, Jason & Kyle Hillard, who grew up watching their father’s passion for the business.

From a young age, Andy Hillard involved his 2 sons, Jason & Kyle Hillard, in the inner workings of Brady Air. Whether it was tagging along to job sites, learning about HVAC systems, or sitting in on meetings, both Jason and Kyle absorbed invaluable lessons from their father. Andy Hillard instilled in them the values of hard work, integrity, and innovation -qualities that would later shape Jason’s approach to running the business and Kyle’s approach to running the shop.

Over the years, Andy Hillard gradually coached Jason to take over the reins of Brady Air. He mentored him, sharing his knowledge and experience, and allowing Jason to gradually take on more responsibilities within the company. Andy Hillard’s guidance wasn’t just about the technical aspects of the business; it was also about leadership, decision-making, and nurturing relationships with clients and employees alike.

Kyle’s passion for the industry led him to excel in running the fabrication shop of the business, making Brady Air Service, Inc that much more capable and reliable in providing the service that they pride with.

Now, as Andy Hillard approaches retirement, Jason is poised to step into his father’s shoes and lead Brady Air into the future. With a deep understanding of the company’s history, values, and vision, Jason is determined to build upon his father’s legacy and take Brady Air to new heights. Under his leadership, the business will continue to thrive, evolve, and uphold the reputation for excellence that Andy Hillard worked so hard to establish.

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