Brady Air Conditioning, Inc is now Brady Air Service, Inc, continuing our reliable comfort solution history since 1983.
We pride in providing design-driven construction projects grounded in honesty, ethics, craft and personal service.

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Brady Air Service, Inc is a reputable Union, full service repair and installation company established in 2018. With a great deal of experience in the installation of numerous HVAC and jobs and applications we provide service to

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Awarded 2012

Brady Air Awarded 2012 Cal SMACNA Craftmanship of the Year Award!

April 14, 2012—During CAL SMACNA’s Closing Business Session, the recipients for the Tom Guilfoy Memorial Craftsmanship of the Year Awards were unveiled. The Architectural Award category was presented in So. San Francisco, California alongside a member of the Bay Area Chapter for their project of the 1905 Samuel Murphy Windmill (Phase 1B) Historical Restoration, Golden Gate Park.

The Dutch style windmill is one of the largest in the world, standing over ten stories tall. Brady Air was commissioned to fabricate and install the copper locking panels to cover the restored dome. The unique shape of the dome created a set of challenges in the fabrication process and installation of the locking panels.

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Our goal is to provide a constantly improving level of products and service as our customer base grows. Whether you are getting too Hot or too Cool, we can tame the temperature in your home or business.

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